Savannah is known for many things - Colonial history, Southern-style seafood, Spanish moss, Ghost stories... the list goes on. What many visitors to this jewel of the South don't know until they visit is that Savannah is also rich in pirate history. Where there are pirates, there is certainly rum... and rum cakes! Now to be found in gift shops, fine food stores and online, Olde Savannah Rum Cakes started with an old family recipe smuggled into the enchanting port city and the result is pure gold.

Ricky Barrow, founder of Olde Savannah Rum Cakes, "We took the recipe that was handed down in our family, used only the best ingredients, including top shelf Caribbean rum, and we decided to go all in and build a company around it. We had no idea the amount of work that was involved in manufacturing a food product, but the journey has been well worth it.

If you are looking for the perfectly decadent dessert for your family, personal or corporate gift or the center of your premium fundraising efforts, Olde Savannah Rum Cakes can't be beat.

Made with only the finest top shelf Caribbean rum, Olde Savannah Rum Cakes are a moist, rich and exceptional premium alterantive to mass-produced rum cakes offered buy the big name suppliers.

So don't settle for second best, fill your cargo holds with real pirate gold - Olde Savannah Rum Cakes!