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These Rum cakes are fab! I highly recommend buying way more than one, they don't last long! I brought 2 smalls and a large home from a hunt trip and my mom snagged one dad took the other and I only had UNO for myself! FYI grab up a LB of their delicious coffee some of the best beans I've ever had! Good people, good product and a great job. Keep it up Olde Savannah you've got a customer and friend for life!!!!!
~Hydrofeen (aka Ricky Alford)

Ayh...these rum cakes are the "booty" we all have been waiting for! Cough up your bounty and secure the perfect gift for family and friends.  A tasty treat for those special occasions-or just because you deserve a treat!
~Captain K (aka Kris Kasperek)

Received first rum cake as a gift. Enjoyed it so much we placed an order for family and friends. Would make a great holiday gift! Shipping was fast, couldn't ask for more.
~Captain Jack (aka James Schneider)

The rum cakes are great!  Best I have tasted!
When are you going to get your own Rum brand??
~007 (aka Roddy Smith)

Arrrrrgh! Pass the rum cakes!
~ One Eyed Jack (Corey Eggins)

You guys are the best! So rich and tasty!
~ Captain Candy McPhee (Candace McPhee)

Tried the rest. OSRC is the best!
~ Salty Snake Simpson (aka Brad Simpson)

Better than Princess Buttercup!
~ Dread Pirate Roberts (aka Todd Johnson)